Weathertight Inspections

Following New Zealand’s leaky home crisis, there is more focus than ever on the weathertight construction of both residential and commercial properties. However, there are also plenty of misconceptions around weather tightness home inspections and what they’ll show up. For example, did you know any home design or cladding type – even new builds – have the potential to leak?

Our home inspections and reports assess your property for:

  • weathertightness and external moisture penetration
  • internal moisture issues from internal wet areas, kitchens, laundry, bathrooms and plumbing
  • structural stability
  • health risks
  • insulation and thermal performance
  • general and preventative maintenance that’s needed

When assessing weather tightness, we don’t just rely on one type of professional diagnostic equipment, or an assessment of high-risk areas alone. Instead our extensive experience enables us to know where to look and what to look for – taking the whole building into account – and, as a result, our reports rely on much more than one single source of information.

Thorough visual room-by-room internal and external inspection is combined with comprehensive moisture detection readings, borer and pest detection and thermal imaging results in a transparent and easy to understand report that also contains relevant photos and a detailed description of any current issues, as well as any needed or upcoming general or preventative maintenance. If needed in addition, a full scope of work with a remedial plan and a full price estimate for any repairs and maintenance work can also be provided.

Unfortunately, New Zealand’s Building Code only stipulates the minimum standards required to build a home, and these standards sit relatively low internationally.

The team at Weather Tight Solutions believe it’s time to look at things differently and have seen more than most when it comes to weathertightness issues, internal leaking and sick house syndrome, from both external and internal defects or failures. They are committed to ensuring that Kiwi homes only get better and that you fully understand the current condition and future requirements of every building inspected.

If you need a full building and weather tightness inspection, our comprehensive assessment and written building reports:

  • involve a thorough, detailed assessment of the condition and integrity of a home, inside and out
  • highlight any current issues with a property
  • provide valuable insight into general and preventative measures in the form of a roadmap for the next 3-5 years – a valuable way for home owners to avoid the additional expense that comes from ignoring issues
  • offer new buyers an idea of what their additional investment in a property will be during their early years of ownership

If you’re going to an auction or bidding on multiple houses, our ‘verbal report’ option:

  • provides the same level of comprehensive, thorough inspection as our full written reports
  • highlights any issues or whether further inspection is needed
  • gives you all the information you need verbally at the time of inspection
  • helps you identify whether leaky home repairs or general maintenance will be needed
  • saves you money if you don’t want to have to pay for a full written report on every property you’re prepared to bid on
  • allows you to upgrade to a full written inspection report if you’re successful at auction

For peace of mind, talk to us about inspecting your property

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