Thermal Imaging Reports

If you’ve been asked to produce a thermal imaging report for your property, or one that you are looking to buy, you’ve come to the right place. Following New Zealand’s leaky home crisis, many banks are requesting thermal imaging reports for a property before they approve lending.

However, it’s worth understanding what thermal imaging can do – and what it can’t.

Thermal imaging inspections:

  • read the surface temperature of an area (thermal imaging does not see into, or provide a view of what’s inside walls!) enabling the inspectors to look for temperature differences that can help to identify the presence of moisture
  • assess the thermal performance of a home – where there might be poor or missing insulation or where draughts are coming through
  • provide a further piece of the puzzle when it comes to a thorough understanding of the condition of a property

Thermal imaging enables Weather Tight Solutions to carry out an in-depth and thorough building and weather tightness inspection of your property or one that you are looking to purchase.

The team at Weather Tight Solutions use thermal imaging cameras as one of their specialist diagnostic tools to help provide you with a full and accurate building and weather tightness inspection. However, thermal imaging in Auckland and the Waikato is only one aspect of what we do.

For a full understanding of the current and future weather tightness of a home, the team carry out a comprehensive building inspection. Combining thermal imaging reports with other data from our visual and non-intrusive inspection technology – as well as our vast experience in dealing with moisture ingress and the resulting damage – we provide comprehensive and easy to understand building reports.

For peace of mind, talk to us about inspecting your property

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