Leaky Home Repair & Recladding

If a recent building inspection or weather tightness report has shown problems in your residential or commercial property, it is crucial that these are addressed promptly before they get any worse.

As well as being specialists when it comes to building inspection reports, the team at Weather Tight Solutions have decades of experience in recladding and leaky home repairs in Auckland and the Waikato. Mark brings his passion for high performance housing to all his team’s repair, remedial and reclad projects.

Our leaky home repairs:

  • focus first on understanding the cause of the current issues so that better design details and materials can be used in the repairs and required remedial work.
  • consider what improvements can be made; better insulation, noise reducing windows, or better ventilation to name but a few possibilities. Often these improvements are minor in terms of cost, but can have a big impact when it comes to the thermal and personal comfort and weather tightness performance of a home
  • make your property better than it was before and often cheaper to heat and cool
  • help you avoid a huge expense in the long run – fixing even a small hole or leak can make a huge difference to your building

As well as a thorough understanding of the current New Zealand Building Code and higher performance building techniques and materials, Mark has industry training that goes above and beyond the general understanding of building science. He is committed to not making the same “code-minimum” mistakes that caused the original problems when it comes to your repair and recladding project.

Understanding full well that there is little more disheartening than a property with leaky problems, Mark finds a way to provide added value to a home within the reclad and repair process, including improvements to thermal performance, ventilation upgrades to prevent damp homes and black mold growth, and layout or renovation alterations.

In this way, Mark’s clients achieve more than just a reclad; they get a home that is better to live in – warmer in winter, cooler in summer, quieter and healthier, cheaper and more efficient to run, as well as being leak-free and durable.

Beyond that, the team at Weather Tight Solutions are all qualified Licensed Building Practitioners and Members of Master Build New Zealand and the New Zealand Green Building Council. They guarantee professional solutions and a process that is as easy and stress-free as it possibly can be. Not only will they arrange for concept drawings and complete plans to be drafted, they will liaise with Council and take care of all inspections and the attainment of a Code of Compliance at the completion of the project.

For peace of mind, talk to us about inspecting your property

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