Invasive Building Inspections

Also referred to as destructive or invasive building inspections or testing, intrusive inspections involve in some way physically opening up areas of, or around, high moisture readings.

Non-invasive tools leave no damage and, when combined with visual cues and experience, can be the first insight into potential issues. However, non-invasive methods can only give so much information. You may get readings that show elevated levels of moisture, or there may be areas where visual cues such as (but not limited to) cracking or discolouration show that something is going on within the building.

Intrusive inspections:

  • allow more in-depth investigation to take place
  • enable the accurate scoping of repair work, so you (and your tradesmen) avoid nasty surprises down the track (particularly important when remedial work is required)
  • will be able to find out what’s happening within the building structure with the least amount of damage and without compromising exterior walls, where possible
  • diagnose the condition of hidden structural timber framing
  • track the source of moisture ingress

Whether with the use of specialist equipment like driven probe hammers, or endoscope cameras, Weather Tight Solutions is able to gain a more detailed picture of any issues. Accurate moisture readings are taken at different depths and, typically, core samples of internal framing are taken to ascertain the cause and extent of water ingress, as well as the condition of affected timbers and the likelihood and extent of any hidden decay.

Weather Tight Solutions are leaders in invasive moisture testing and invasive building inspections and are often asked to follow on from other inspections once a potential problem or area of concern has been identified. When needed we also provide documentation and act as an expert witness for legal claims, insurance and court cases.

As with our other building inspection reports, we provide a full and detailed written report itemising all findings, identifying what is currently causing water ingress and defects, highlighting areas which are likely to cause future issues, and pointing out breaches to current New Zealand Building Code that may have occurred. We are also happy to provide recommendations around remedial work that needs to be done and can assist in all aspects of the remediation process.

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