Homestar Assessments

It’s one thing to have a weather tight home that you know doesn’t leak, but another to have a home that is warm, dry and healthy. This is where Homestar comes in.

Put simply, Homestar is a comprehensive and independent rating that measures the warmth, efficiency and health of a home. The rating tool has been developed by drawing the best from successful international rating programmes, and making this specific to New Zealand conditions.

Any residential property – from stand-alone homes to multi-unit dwellings – can be rated by an industry expert. And now, Weather Tight Solutions are Qualified Homestar Assessors.

This means that we’re trained and accredited by the New Zealand Green Building Council. Not only do we have a comprehensive understanding of high performance building techniques and materials, we are now able to assess your current home, a home you are looking to purchase, or – better yet – a home you are looking to design and build and provide a full assessment plan for materials, work practices and improved fixtures and fittings.

We also understand green building practices and can translate the technical detail into practical application to help you achieve a Homestar rating for your new build; from water conservation to home energy production, and on to healthy and low VOC material selection.

That’s right, the Homestar rating can be applied in two stages – either during design or after a home has been constructed. Homestar assessors rate a home’s performance and environmental impact, taking into consideration the energy, health and comfort of a property, as well as water, waste, materials, site, home management and any additional high performance innovations.

Homes can receive a possible score from 6 to 10, with a six indicating a home that is warmer, drier, healthier, more efficient and higher quality than a typical new house constructed to align with building code, and a 10 signalling a world-leading high performance house.

To really understand the health of a home that you’re looking to buy, or to ensure your new build is as healthy and efficient as possible, contact the team at Weather Tight Solutions about a Homestar assessment today.

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