Building inspection reports

Whether it’s a weather tightness, pre purchase house inspection to give you peace of mind before buying a new home, or pre sale building reports to provide transparency to potential buyers, complete and comprehensive building inspection reports should cover all aspects of your building – both inside and out.

Our home inspections and reports assess your property for:

  • weather tightness
  • external moisture penetration and moisture levels
  • internal moisture penetration from bathrooms, kitchens, laundry and plumbing
  • structural stability
  • health risks
  • insulation and thermal performance
  • general and preventative maintenance that’s needed

Comprehensive property inspections are not just about magical equipment, or an assessment of high-risk areas alone, and our reports rely on much more than one single source of information. Our extensive experience over many years enables us to know where to look and what we’re looking at.

We inspect the foundations, subfloor, cladding, drainage, joinery, roof exterior, spouting and downpipes, attic roof space, insulation, flooring, plumbing and drainage, hot water system and any other items on site like retaining walls, decks, paths and the driveway. This level of room-by-room detail then gets combined with comprehensive non-invasive moisture detection readings, borer and pest detection and thermal imaging results.

Our reports include relevant photos, as well as a detailed description of all areas and any issues that are identified. While covering a lot of ground and including thorough detail, these reports are transparent and easy to understand and we’re committed to making sure that you have a clear picture of any property we inspect. After you review the emailed report, we then allow time to answer any additional queries you have in person, or over the phone.

If needed in addition, a scope of work with a remedial plan and a full price estimate for any repairs and maintenance work can be included.

If you’re looking to buy a home, our pre purchase building inspections and reports:

  • Give you peace of mind, by assessing the weather tightness of the property
  • Act as a powerful negotiating tool
  • Provide clear knowledge of any current issues on the building due to moisture or methods and construction materials used
  • Identify any future maintenance or construction investments that may be required
  • Enable your solicitor to assist you with regards to any illegal work carried out and not recorded with local building authorities
  • Report on the compliance of a property with current building codes

If you are a property owner, our pre sale and general house inspections and reports:

  • Highlight any current issues on the property that require urgent attention
  • Give you a clear overview of any maintenance required
  • Provide guidance around what needs to be done to prevent a leaky home
  • Identify any future problems that may arise due to the type of construction or materials used
  • Enable to you demonstrate transparency for potential buyers
  • Show you what potential purchasers will discover if they commission their own building inspection report, so you can avoid any surprises that may hold up or stop the sale of your home
  • Enable you to carry out any needed repairs or maintenance works before going to market

For peace of mind, talk to us about inspecting your property

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