Avoiding leaky homes

Leaky Homes – Avoid the Nightmare!

A leaky home – every property owner’s nightmare! With so much hype in the media, costly legal battles along with escalating repairs leaving many home owners well out of pocket, it is no wonder that we are extremely wary of purchasing a property these days. It is one of the biggest investment decisions we make and should be one of the most exciting, especially becoming a home owner for the first time. So how do you check that your prospective investment is not one of the statistics and also protect against any ongoing concerns with regards to moisture problems? And if you are selling, how do you make purchasers comfortable with buying your property?

This is where Weather Tight Solutions step in to offer full building inspection & moisture testing procedures to highlight any structural and general maintenance issues as well as weather tightness. Any areas of interest where water may get in via the envelope or cladding system are checked as this can result in wet timber framing thus raising the likelihood of fungal growth due to consistent moisture levels. They also check plaster walls, carpets, interior fittings and so on, where there can be extensive water damage. Further testing can be done by thermal imaging, a non-invasive, non-destructive assessment tool for measuring surface temperature on walls and surfaces which can assist in the detection of moisture and deficiencies in insulation.

A comprehensive report is then compiled to show not only the structural soundness of the property but also any moisture penetration/gradual deterioration leading to future moisture issues, moisture levels with possible structural and health risks and any other significant defects. This gives you peace of mind as a purchaser whether to make that important investment or as a vendor that your home is worthy of being on the property market.

For reassurance that the leaky home syndrome doesn’t apply to you, let Weather Tight Solutions conduct a full building and water tightness inspection and report. If there are any issues, however, Weather Tight Solutions can also offer a full estimate of the scope and costs involved to make the repairs.

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