Invasive moisture testing looks below the surface.

Our invasive moisture testing gives you valuable insight into what’s causing any leaks and enables an accurate scope of works to be drawn up.


Don’t be left wondering what’s causing an abnormal moisture reading.

So you’ve got a high moisture reading – now what?

Don’t turn your back on a high moisture reading, cracking, cladding damage or discolouration – get to the bottom of the issue with our thorough invasive moisture testing service.

Invasive moisture testing (also known as intrusive inspection) involves physically opening up areas of, or around, a high moisture reading. We use specialist equipment such as driven probe hammers and endoscope cameras to gain a detailed picture of what’s going on within a building.

Invasive testing can involve:

  • Accurate moisture readings taken at different depths to ascertain the extent and spread of the issue
  • Taking core samples of internal framing to ascertain the condition of affected timbers
  • Determining the cause and extent of water ingress or internal leakage
  • Taking photographs within the building structure, with the use of endoscope cameras, to determine the condition of hidden building elements
  • Production of a scope of works to road map needed repairs and remedial works
  • Recommendations for improvements and direction to contractors

Once the invasive moisture testing process has been completed, we provide you with an accurate scope of works that outlines needed repairs so you (and your tradesmen) can plan and understand the remedial work required.

Invasive inspection expertise you can trust

Our team have years of experience in finding out the cause of elevated moisture readings, understanding why and how moisture is entering or leaking within and damaging a building, as well as how to repair it and prevent future damage.

Company director Mark and his team have a reputation for excellence when it comes to finding out what’s really going on inside the walls and hidden areas of a compromised home. Our invasive testing and intrusive inspection specialists work hard to determine the extent of the issue with minimal compromising of external walls.

As well as providing a full, easy to understand report of the test results, we’re also able to give advice on the repairs and remedial work that needs to be done, and can assist in all aspects of the remediation process.­

Our highly qualified team are leaders in the field of invasive testing and are often asked to provide specialist advice and documentation for legal proceedings and complex insurance claims.

Invasive testing qualified

Mark and the team regularly undertake industry training in Australia and the US – countries with much higher building standards than New Zealand.

Expert opinions

Where needed we can act as an expert witness for legal claims, insurance claims and court cases.

Easy to understand test results

Our comprehensive test results and reports cover a lot of ground, but we’ve made them transparent and easy to interpret.

What our clients say

Gain valuable insight into what’s causing an elevated moisture reading or the cause of that moisture staining or damage in your home. Request an invasive inspection today.

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