Predicting the costs of leaky home repairs with invasive moisture testing

If you already own or are about to purchase a home with moisture ingress or internal moisture leakage issues, here’s the information you need.

$11.3 billion. That’s how much leaky homes are estimated to have cost the country in repair bills, although the number may in fact be much higher, with some building experts estimating the total cost at $23 billion for 89,000 buildings.

These homes are costing individual owners hundreds of thousands of dollars, and forcing many to take out extra mortgages, or go into bankruptcy, unable to afford the costs. It’s vital that before starting on any repairs that the owners are aware of what the costs will be.

As such, leaky home investigations continue to be a vital part of a Weather Tight Solutions specialist weathertightness building inspections.

Leaky home investigations and specialist weathertightness building inspections will start off with non-invasive testing – scanning the relevant surfaces with specialised electronic diagnostic equipment. If, in the course of this initial scanning, high moisture levels are identified, your home is going to require an invasive, or intrusive, investigation. Approximately 35% of homes require invasive testing, whether due to external moisture penetration or internal moisture leakage.

What’s involved in invasive moisture testing 

As the name ‘invasive testing’ suggests, this part of the process involves techniques that have more physical impact on the building.

It could involve:

  • Small holes being drilled in the walls – both internal and external to be able to take timber samples and insert endoscopic cameras.
  • Larger holes cut in external cladding or internal wall or ceiling linings.
  • Samples of the affected timber or mould may be sent away for testing.

At Weather Tight Solutions, we use dedicated diagnostic equipment to carry out these processes – for example, driven probe hammers and endoscope cameras. These, combined with our extensive experience in the area, allow us to get the most out of the investigation, while limiting the physical impact on the building.

Underlying issues develop over time

Having a detailed, specialist weathertightness building inspection will identify current issues and point out requirements for currently needed maintenance and preventative maintenance that will protect your home or the house you are looking to purchase.

When it comes to dealing with your property’s leaky issues, you don’t want to cut corners. At Weather Tight Solutions, we will guide you through the process and provide detailed reporting along with a scope of works and recommendations for repairs and general or preventative maintenance so that you can get the full picture of what’s going on with your home and accurately plan for the future.

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