Value of a Building inspection

The value of a building inspection when buying or selling property.

With the current boom in sales on the property market & rapidly increasing prices, buying or selling your home can be a stressful process. How do you know the ‘ideal’ home you are looking to buy is structurally sound, well-maintained and not one with the potential to be a leaky home? How do you prove to prospective buyers of your well-loved home that it is their ‘ideal’ purchase?

This is where Weather Tight Solutions can alleviate your stress by offering a building inspection & report for the pre-purchase or pre-sale of any residential (or commercial) property. It should be an important part of the process not only to assess the structural and general condition of the building, but also to go a step further and check the water tightness of the property. This includes non-invasive moisture testing around all windows, doors and high risk areas and can also be upgraded further to include thermal imaging, a specialty service which is a non-invasive, non-destructive assessment tool for measuring surface temperature on walls and surfaces to assist in the detection of moisture and deficiencies in insulation.

A comprehensive inspection report is provided, outlining any areas of current or potential moisture concern. This is a great in-depth report compared to a standard building inspection report, as it allows for your peace of mind when looking to buy or to show prospective purchasers of your property. It makes both vendors/purchasers aware of any issues which, if necessary, can be attended to prior to the sale or purchase. The report also meets banks and legal requirements and is transferable to the purchaser of the property.

So choose a Weather Tight Solutions full building & water tightness inspection & report to give reassurance that your ‘ideal’ property, whether buying or selling, is sound and moisture-free.

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