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When we embarked on our leaky home renovation project, we decided that we needed to involve people who would have empathy for our circumstances, be concerned for the aesthetic as well as technical aspects of the re-design process, be painstaking in their attention to detail and be committed to achieving a very high standard of work. We said explicitly that our expectation was for 110% outcomes. Our choice of Mark and his team ensured that these bottom-lines were met. In particular, we appreciated Mark’s concern at the outset that we take time and care when deciding on the architectural features (‘the look’) of the renovated house. And, we were delighted when the builders (Mark, Logan and Steve) subsequently shared the same concern, on the way through the project. Their approach helped ensure that we felt increasingly confident as the months of work passed. Other tradespeople also shared the commitment to providing the right, and high standard, solutions. We also had input from an architect who specialises in restoration and renovation work (Laura Kellaway). She provided invaluable guidance on the design aspects of the project as well as the re-paint of the interior.  As there is only one opportunity to get the renovation right, seeking and being open to such advice is essential. While the personal and financial costs have been high, they have been tempered by the pleasure, we have now, of living in a non-leaky and lovely home. – Anne and Neil, Hamilton



“Mark is so professional and his customer service is second to none. Even through his busy work schedule he entertains queries and is happy to provide feedback. He is thorough and he makes sure that all your needs are met and every detail is communicated and properly understood. Outstanding building inspection!” – JC



“Marks building report for the house we just purchased was beyond our expectations. He inspected the entire house, roof, ceiling, underneath and through the house. The document he sent through was extremely thorough and pointed out every little thing along side a rating of its potential risks. Photos of potential issues as well as moisture readings were posted throughout the document to make it super easy for us to understand exactly what he was talking about. I called Mark the next day to thank him and he was happy to answer all of my questions about the report. He offered numerous recommendations and contacts to get hold of for various issues. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is after a thorough, clearly presented, understandable building report. Thanks again” – Rheon



“As first home buyers, we felt really comfortable with Mark’s knowledge and expertise with weather tightness. He has given thorough feedback in all areas of our property, and we are confident that we can go ahead and purchase without a headache later on. Weathertight Solutions – I highly recommend them for first home buyers wanting to feel safe in this market! – Jake & Steph



“We engaged Mark Waters of Weather Tight Solutions to assist us with the “walk though inspection process” for our new house build in Cambridge. Having never built a new home before, we wanted to ensure that our building company were not only completing the build process to compliance standards, but to ensure areas of the build were meeting our personal expectations of a safe, dry, healthy home. We had heard “horror stories” of locals who had built with “cowboys” that are now caught in an unenviable position of having to fork out loads of money to rectify shoddy building work. 

Mark Waters certainly knows his stuff. He went over and through our new home in great detail. His report was extensive and thorough, yet straight forward for a novice to understand. 

From Mark’s report we provided a list of concerns to our building company, which they in turn did address either through a) clear explanation of the building work they had undertaken e.g. some waterproofing they installed beneath the concrete and brickwork which we were unable to see; or b) by performing some remedial works i.e waterproofing around internal cabinetry.

Mark identified a multitude of areas which I would never have looked at had he not carried out his inspection. Our builder said he had never been pulled up before on some the areas that Mark identified, such as small cracks in the external masonry (considered cosmetic and option to repair) to blocked vent/weep holes which had passed a council compliance inspection, but the builder did address when pointed out.

I would highly recommend Mark Waters of Weather Tight Solutions to anyone who is either purchasing an existing home or building a new home.”Sharon



“I would recommend Mark for a property inspection. He completed one for us at short notice and it was thorough and methodical. His attention to detail, knowledge of building requirements, ability to communicate effectively and his genuine manner make him a pleasure to work with.” – Monica



“Comprehensive inspections and detailed report / photos, supplemented with industry norms / requirement etc.
I have used Weather tight on several occasions and have not regretted my decision – the advice given has ensured that I have made sounds decisions (including the need to walk away from a property on occasion!)” – Katie



“In my business as a Real Estate Agent I have referred Mark to three clients in the last 60 days who have all had water penetration & construction issues which that needed advice & reports with.
With all these clients Mark has given to them all a 5 Star service & his honesty & total profession approach has been much appreciated by them all. I will be continuing to recommend Mark to my current & future clients when they require Reports & advice with any of their properties”Ashley



“Mark and his team renovated our house, addressing weathertightness issues, replacing windows & doors with double glazing, putting in an extra bathroom and bringing the house into the 21st century. 

We’re really pleased with the whole job – it’s made a huge difference to our comfort levels, it looks great and the house is much safer. Mark and our designer cleverly worked out a way we could get an extra bathroom into a small space. Jeevan and his team were excellent to work with, always polite and good at keeping us up-to-date with what was happening.

The only kind of negative feedback we’d have is that, although it was roughly within the estimate and contingency, it was high cost. (Although the house was signed off by the Council in the 90s, it wasn’t well constructed and there was a lot of extra work getting the house to comply with current building standards.)

Overall the team’s work was good quality and, surprisingly, it was a pleasant experience and for us that was very important.” – Lynette



Mark is professional and thorough. This is the second time we have used his services. 
He communicates well and turns up when he says he will. Mark went out of his way to complete our Building Inspection at short notice during our house sale & negotiations. He went beyond the call of duty offering excellent advice regarding the problems his Building Inspection revealed. He kept us up to date with findings as he did his Inspection. 

The Report arrived promptly, it was precise and Mark described the repairs that were needed. He also included an approximate cost for the repairs. When we presented the Report to our Lawyer, for his perusal, he also commented on how thorough he thought the Report was.

Mark’s service and quality of work represent very good value for the price and we would certainly recommend his services to others.”Mary

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