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Whether you’re looking to buy a new home, or re-finance or sell your current one, it’s important to go into any significant transaction with your eyes open – with a thorough house inspection and comprehensive building and weather tightness inspection report.

Following years running a specialist recladding construction company, Mark founded Weather-Tight Solutions in 2006. For more than the last decade, Mark and his team of specialist residential building contractors and inspectors have worked with building owners and buyers in Auckland and the greater Waikato to provide professional weather tightness building inspections.

Mark’s experience in recladding projects and building repairs and his extensive training in New Zealand, Australia and the US means that he understands the science behind construction and why buildings fail.

He’s seen it all over the years and understands that doing a great job is not just about magical equipment, but the expertise that comes from experience and a commitment to carrying out a detailed, thorough and in-depth investigation. It’s this that enables Mark and his team to provide a reliable and accurate diagnosis of issues.

Weather Tight Solutions are also 100% committed to making sure you have a full understanding of potential issues or risks involved in a property, and what is involved to remedy and improve on them.

Dispelling the myth that it’s only certain homes that leak, Mark has seen or repaired issues in houses with all cladding types, from plaster to brick and weatherboards, and understands not only where any why problems occur, but also what’s required to fix them.

Mark’s industry experience is second to none and he’s committed to regularly upskilling and immersing himself in best practice via trips to undertake industry training in the United States and Australia, where they have had their own leaky home issues and have developed more advanced responses to inspections and remedial and recladding projects.

Mark is passionate about – and excited by – high performance, healthy homes and, understanding that unfortunately New Zealand’s building code is low compared to international standards, he looks at things in more depth, enabling Mark to better understand the current and potential issues with buildings. In this way, Mark is working to encourage the Kiwi building market to lift its game.

For peace of mind, and to ensure the bank and your solicitors have all the documentation they need, trust Mark and his team for your weather tightness pre-purchase or pre sales home inspections and building reports.


  • Specialist weathertightness inspector for over 13 years.
  • 20+ years in the Building Industry.
  • NZ Institute of Building Surveyors Weathertightness training modules completed.
  • Registered Master Builder.
  • Member of Standards NZ.
  • Member NZ Green Building Council.
  • NZGBC Homestar assessor.
  • Member National Association of Home Builders.
  • BCITO qualified.
  • Licensed Building Practitioner – in Site 1 and Carpentry.

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