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Thorough, in-depth building inspections, specialist weathertightness testing and invasive investigations in Auckland, the Waikato and central north island.

Protect your investment and ensure your home is safe, dry and leak free

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Purchasing a property is a significant investment – you want to have the in-depth information needed to make the best possible decision. At Weather Tight Solutions, we go further than your standard building inspection company.

Our thorough and in-depth building inspections, and extensive knowledge of the building code and better building practices both in New Zealand and overseas, mean that we can uncover whether all aspects of your home, or a building that you might be looking to purchase, are weathertight, safe, healthy, energy efficient and durable. After all, it’s not only plaster homes that leak! All cladding types – from plaster to brick and tile and weatherboard – and homes built in the leaky home period or brand new today can, and do, leak.

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Why choose us

Your home, and your next investment, are important to us and deserve a thorough and detailed building inspection carried out by specialist building inspectors. If you’re looking for a professional building and weather tightness inspection in Auckland, or the greater Waikato, contact us today.

Passionate and experienced experts

Detailed building inspections are not about having magic equipment – but the experience to know where to look and how to carry out an in-depth investigation of the building.

Specialist skills

Experienced and thorough building inspectors for house inspections, thermal imaging, invasive moisture testing and specialist weathertight inspections and testing.

Thorough, easy to understand reports

As well as an incredibly comprehensive building inspection, our reports are in-depth, transparent and easy to understand.

We believe in better than ‘good enough’

When it comes to inspecting your current home, or one you are looking to buy, we want to make sure you fully understand the current condition and future needs of that building.


Not all building inspections are created equal. Read our helpful guide for 7 critical considerations when selecting a building inspector.

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